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At the heart of BasGame lies our non-profit association. We want you to know that every cent from ticket sales and exhibitors goes directly towards supporting the event's organization costs. Moreover, any surplus funds are enthusiastically channeled into making the next edition of BasGame even better.

The truth is, BasGame has zero financial support and it thrives because of you. It's your purchased tickets that lay the foundation for future editions. For this, we can't help but extend our warmest and most sincere gratitude to you. Your contribution truly makes BasGame possible and exceptional!

Buy your tickets at:


Please, read the terms & conditions before purchasing your ticket,

Only a limited number of tickets are available, so we recommend booking in advance.

CHF 10

Online purchase

CHF 15

In-place purchase


Adolescents under 16


Children under 9


  • No credit card for in-place purchased tickets. Only TWINT or cash will be accepted.

  • Adolescents under 16 and children should bring a valid ID to validate their ticket.

  • Adolescents under 14 and children should be accompanied by an adult.

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