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At BasGame, our board game flea market has always been a favorite, helping games find new homes. Now, you can participate too!

If you have board games you'd like to sell second-hand at BasGame, here’s everything you need to know to get started.

If you are new to the BasGame flea market, please take a moment to read the rules and walkthrough below before proceeding.


  1. Game Eligibility

    • We accept board games, card games, and related accessories, including games for kids.

    • Games must be in good, playable condition. Any notable wear or missing components must be disclosed.

  2. Consignment Number

    • Each seller must register on the BasGame Basar website and obtain a consignment number(see instructions below). This number is your identification as a seller and all items that you would like to sell will be associated with this number.

  3. Consignment Fee

    • Participation in the Fleamarket has a fixed fee of 5 CHF + 10% of your final sale amount.​

    • Fees are deducted from the total gross revenue of all your sold items, after the event.

  4. List Submission

  5. Information and Pricing

    • All prices must be in CHF.

    • Sellers must use the online tool on the BasGame Basar website to generate one QR code per item (instructions below).

    • All items must have the corresponding QR code attached. We will not sell items without an attached QR code.

  6. Game Drop-off

    • You are required to have a valid BasGame ticket to access the Flea Market.​

    • Bring your labeled items to the Foyer of Volkshaus by 10:30.

    • Our volunteers will take over from there.

  7. Sales Process and Payment

    • BasGame volunteers will handle all transactions.​

    • Net revenue from your sale will be processed through bank transfer after the event. BasGame organizers will contact you to collect and provide the necessary information.

  8. Unsold Items

    • You are responsible for collecting all your games that were not sold, at the end of BasGame.

    • Uncollected games are considered a donation to the BasGame library.

  9. Communication

    • We operate in good faith and do our best to minimize errors. Yet, they might happen. If that is the case, contact us.

    • Please maintain open communication with BasGame organizers regarding any questions or concerns.

  10. Enjoy the event

    • While your games are for sale, take the time to enjoy BasGame and interact with fellow enthusiasts.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that BasGame is not liable for any lost or stolen items during the event. We make every effort to provide a secure environment—after all, our own games are on the line too! If an unfortunate loss occurs we are unable to replace lost items or provide financial compensation.

By consigning your games, you accept the rules above.


Your participation not only contributes to the vibrant board gaming community but also supports BasGame's mission. Thank you for your involvement, and we hope you have a fantastic experience at BasGame! 🎲🤝



Below we will wlak you through how to use the BasGame Basar website, to input your selling items, and get your labels.

1. Go to our page hosted in clicking the following button.

(You must first accept the rules by checking the box above)


2. Scroll down to the section "Ihre Nummer(n)" and click in "Jetzt anmelden und Nummer reservieren"- If you already have an account in you can skip to step 4.


3. Click "Neues Konto anlegen" and create an account. Finalize clicking "Speichern".


4. Click "Jetzt Nummer reservieren".


5. If you want a specific number you can try to reserve it here, in "Wunschnummer" (seller numbers should be between 100 and 200). Otherwise, leave it blank to get the next available number. Agree to the terms by checking the tick box "Ich stimme..." and then click "Nummer anfordern".


6. The system will provide you with a number. This is your seller number. Click "Artikel online einzutragen" to go to the page where you can list your items for sale (point 7).

7. Here you can list all the items you want to sell. Use one row per item or group* of items. We only require The columns "Marke + Artikel" and "Preis" to be filled. Click "Speichern" to save the list, and "Zurück zur Startseite und zum Drucken" to go back once it is ready.

* for example, a group of items would be used if you want to bundle the base game and its expansion to be sold together.


8. After you have listed all your games, you will see three icons on the main page. These provide you with the list of items as a PDF, the labels to print, and your seller's number.


9. Click            to get access to your labels. Choose a format (f.e. A4) and print them.

10. Attach each label to each item. We recommend using soft tape and putting them inside the lid of the games if possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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