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Our Sponsors

BasGame will not be a reality without the generous support of publishers, stores, associations, and individuals that love board games. Thanks to them we can bring the best of the best to BasGame (and to you) each year. 

We are constantly looking for sponsors that can support us either with games and/or financially. If you want to help us, just write an email to



Gaming Sponsors

BasGame 2015 - We Make It campaign backers

2015 was a special year. We were able to organize BasGame via a crowdfunding campaign! If after coming to see us you wonder who to be grateful to for such a wonderful and memorable day of gaming, well... the answer is our generous donors from the We Make It campaign, without whom BasGame 2015 would have not taken place. We certainly thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Stefan Bächler · Marc Baumann · Dana Blume · Harvey Bowen · Eva Cabezón

Rubén Cabezón · Michelle DiPietro · Alexander Dyas · Tom Felber 

Ramón Ferreté · Martin Hagen · Thomas Huter · Janene Liston

I.L. Escudero · Tommy L. · Laura Luque · Robert Polster · Rhum 

Lorenzo Romeo · Juliane Siebourg · Nedim Ulusoy

Alejandro Vallejo · Hirginia Vallejo

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