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Meet the Designers

All day long, we will host brilliant young designers that will share their prototypes with you. Do not miss this chance to talk, learn, and maybe influence on upcoming board games.



Helvetiq, Basel's very own game publisher, is also coming to this year's edition of BasGame! Besides some of their bestsellers, they will be showing some brand new games: On The Road (a board game with a music festival theme, illustrated by renowned artist Miguel Coimbra), Happy Bee (a draft and majority game in the sustainably produced collection Fun By Nature), Crazy Pilot (a pattern recognition speed game with vintage illustrations and zombies) and many more!



Operating since 2018, Treecer GmbH is active in the diverse field of board games and other print products under the brand “Treeceratops”. Our ambition is to bring products to the market that are creative, unique, and clearly stand out from the rest. To go new ways and to deliver perfect quality is a guiding principle at Treeceratops.

Dreaming Elephant


Dreaming Elephant is a game studio based in Basel, Switzerland. They are a small team of game designers, authors, and otherwise creative minds who develop games, write stories, and also help others refine their creations. At BasGame 2023 they’ll have a few of their board game prototypes ready for playtesting.

Mad4Fun Games


Mad4Fun Games, an Indian publisher based in Switzerland, develops board games based on the rich Indian culture and has 2 games in the market now: Ettana - The Looms of Kanchi revolving around handlooms, and Cholas - The Sculptors revolving around temple-building and architecture.



The creative studio Spielpraxis in Bern's Münstergasse, develops games, illustrates pictures, and creates songs and audiobooks. The board game HEROPOLIS (their debut) is to be realized this fall with a crowdfunding campaign. The easily accessible, yet strategic, building and role-playing game is aimed at frequent players and comes with a heavy dose of humor.

Analoges Spielen und Lernen


From the association "Analoges Spielen und Lernen" we promote analog play in our surroundings by organizing regular play meetings and play weekends.
In addition, we develop board games on environmental topics. We successfully launched our first game, "
Tanz der Bienen" in June 2023 via crowdfunding. The bee game is very thematic and can also be used in school from middle school (Zyklus 2). It will be available for purchase at BasGame.

Rettet den Regenwald Schweiz


Rettet den Regenwald - Schweiz supports projects in rainforest regions and carries out campaigning and educational work in Switzerland. For this purpose, a board game was developed: "Minanga - Your Village between Mining, Agriculture and Human Rights" which provides insights into life in mining regions and makes the social,  economic, and environmental effects of our purchasing decisions tangible. Minanga brings educational fun to the family table. A teacher’s guide and workshops make
it easy to use in educational settings. It will be available to play and buy at BasGame.

Game Design at ZHdK


In Game Design at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), between 7 and 10 new board games are developed each year. First, rules and concepts are analyzed and the mechanics are questioned. In teams of two, students then develop their own board game, test and refine it, and design a playable prototype.

Deutsches Museum


We are the CRC235 research cluster situated in Munich. Our aim is to investigate the origin of life – and to make our results available to everyone. We designed a board game we called “AEON“ in which you can play around with the fundamental principles that led to life on earth, all based on our current scientific findings.

Game Division


Game Division AG stands for simple and at the same time exciting games, which are authentically designed. Our task - to develop, produce and publish. Our motto is always: Playing should be fun. It should be for young and old! Convivial games for all generations that function purely through the language of form and colour. The added value of our games lies in various areas of development, such as perception, social behaviour, and concentration. But don't worry - the fun is not hidden!

Michael Keller


Michael Keller, also known as MiKe, is a passionate board game designer from the valley of Emmental, who prefers to invent medium to heavy games. In the last few years, he designed many games, some of which were published. His newest game, Planta Nubo, will be published in Essen 2023 and has as co-authors Uwe Rosenberg and Ode. At Basgame he will present his published games but also show up with some prototypes to get played by the people.

Lamaland Studios


Lamaland Studios is a Swiss creative duo based in Winterthur and in the summer sometimes at the lake. The two Game Design alumni are in the development phase of their first board game "Badger". They want to put their prototype through its paces again at the BasGame 2023.

Gidora Games


Immerse yourself in a pre-apocalyptic planet Earth where you research technologies in order to build large rockets. Launching them to distant planets is the only way to save your crew and make sure humanity prevails. In this mid-weight dice placement Eurogame you can either try to follow your own path, cooperate with others, or even foil the plan of others. Humanity's survival is on your shoulders.

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