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12 Rebgasse
Basel, BS, 4058

BasGame is a yearly board gaming event taking place in the city of Basel in Switzerland. So if you are interested in the world of boardgames please come and visit us. 


BasGame is an annual event held in Basel that is focused on modern board games.


BasGame was devised in 2013 by Rubén Cabezón and Hirginia Vallejo, the founders of the Board Game Basel Association, and the first edition took place in 2014. Nowadays, BasGame is the biggest board game event in the Northwest Switzerland, with the widest and most updated offer of games thanks to the support of the most important publishers from all around the world.

Boardgaming Day

Whether you are curious about the world of modern board games or if you are already an expert gamer that loves endless strategic hours, then you will have a spot in the BasGame. This is a wonderful opportunity to try new games and meet new people! Come in, select one of the games we offer or ask for suggestions from our friendly staff, and start playing right there. Easy, comfortable and fun!

Bring-your-own-game concept


This is also an opportunity for everyone who has wonderful games at home and can never find a suitable amount of players to enjoy them. This is your chance! Not only you can play with the games we will provide, but you can also bring your own games and play them with your own friends or with new people. Benefit from this opportunity! We are not only supplying games to play, but also a place with a great atmosphere for you to enjoy an unforgettable boardgaming evening.