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FTL play report

Ruben Cabezon

Posted By Rubén

Yes. If you are into Science Fiction you would have recognized that FTL stands for "Faster Than Light", something absolutely necessary if you own a starship. Nevertheless, here I simply aim at giving a super fast, short and straight-to-the-point review/report in games I play either at home or at the BGB.

That said, I will start with Project Manhattan, a wonderful, tense worker-placement game that has flown slightly under the radar.

The aim of the game is to be the first in reaching certain amount of victory points, and you do that via building nukes (oh, yeah!). To do so you have to build buildings and hire personnel,  that will allow you to gather Uranium and Plutonium, the salt and pepper of any nuke-builder. Besides that you can spy on other players and bomb them (with regular bombs to disable her buildings, so we keep it clean), hence some interaction is assured.


Last game was between Hirgi, Ramon and me. The outcome made me love this game even more: Ramón and myself entered in a sort of cold war, spending actions in increasing our fighters and bombers just to dissuade each other to attack. In the meanwhile, we forgot the actual objective: make nukes!, while Hirgi didn't. Then she calmly reached the goal in victory points, while the testosterone of her opponents was playing at her favour. In the end, I found all this super-thematic (the cold war, not the testosterone…) and kept us talking about what happened in the game for a while. This is usually a sign of a good game!