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BasGame is a yearly board gaming event taking place in the city of Basel in Switzerland. So if you are interested in the world of boardgames please come and visit us. 


Essen: There and back again... (Day 2)

Ruben Cabezon

Having in mind the huge crowd that we found last night going back in the train, we decided that we will take our time to go to the fair. It opens doors at 10.00, so let's be there at 10.45-11.00 and avoid the waves of people. Unfortunately, quite a lot of gamers had the same idea. Strategists are common here...

 And that was already quite late...

And that was already quite late...

In any case, it worked good enough and we could get through the doors pretty fast. Another recommendation: if you are getting short in Euros better withdraw the money now! There is only one ATM and the queue is huge later! Even better: do it the evening before! You only have to think that on Sunday, publishers are lowering their prices quite a lot, and many people wait until this day to do the buying. It's a risky strategy, as many cool games are sold out by then, but if it works it really pays off. I saw reductions from 200 € down to 30 € !! o_O

Anyway, we had to take the train at 18.00 so we had a route: Asmodee, Spielbox, Hans im Glück, buy some specific games, search for offers, and... ah! yes... eat something at some moment.

Asmodee was so big with so many stands that it was impossible to find our contact in there. We almost played cat and mouse the whole day. We could check Mysterium, though, and we loved the components, the atmosphere that it creates, and the gameplay. We didn't like that it was sold out. :-(

We had the chance to chat a bit with Barbara Nostheide from Spielbox. She was super kind and, as always, very happy to contribute with the BasGame. We can count with them this year again!

Afterwards, we went to Hans im Glück. They were very generous in the last edition of BasGame, sending us super new and cool games like Die Staufer, Helios and Auf den Spuren von Marco Polo, which, by the way, was the winner of the Deutscher Spiele Preis of 2015 and a game that we really love. While we were in their stand, this guy shows up:

 We are superfans of Stefan Feld!

We are superfans of Stefan Feld!

Yep. Stefan Feld himself! We LOVE his games. Trajan, Bora Bora and Burgen von Burgundy hit our table very often. Hirginia is in fact an actual expert in all these games, so she was extra happy to meet him. And you know what? He is a very nice guy! We invited him to come to Basel someday and he agreed, as he lives reasonably close. So be ready, because this will happen at some moment. :-D

From there we crossed paths with Edge. This is a Spanish publisher, so we commented them about BasGame without much hope of interesting them, as their potential market is clearly not in Switzerland. In spite of this, they decided to help us and donated a very funny and entertaining game: Dungeon Raiders. A fantasy, family card game that is surely going to be a hit in the BasGame. You can imagine how proud we were from our fellow Spanish gamers!

We spend the rest of the day searching for offers and buying games. From time to time we stumble upon amazing productions, like Cthulhu Wars.

 Brutal "minis" of Cthulhu Wars.

Brutal "minis" of Cthulhu Wars.

Well. I don't know how would you call those, but "minis" is to stretch the word too much. Some of them were of the insane size of a forearm! "Biggis" fits them better... Amazing!

And I don't really know what was happening in here, but it seemed hilarious:

I'm pretty sure that this game was Doctor Panic and, at least from outside, it seemed that people was having a super funny time, running around the table.

The time to deal again with the terrible train connections with Essen and (hopefully) get back home was coming. So we packed up, and headed to the train station. In our path we could see people fighting with their suitcases (or their cars) to fit all the games they bought. It was funny, to peek a bit to see what they bought. Did I miss something super cool? The answer is always yes! Essen is so big, that it is very difficult to cover everything without violating laws of physics like causality and speed of light (sorry, Physics humor...).

Once in the train we spend a couple of hour talking with two Brits (who of course came also from Essen) sharing experiences, wish-lists, and board game practices in our countries. This is something that can only happen there!

Back home we checked our stash and I could say that this year I was proud. We got Madeira and Ys at ridiculously low prices, and we got our novelty of this year: Spirits of the Rice Paddy, an absolute brain burner that has very nice and new mechanics. Among these, some small expansions, and, of course, a set of wonderful meeple-themed mugs. Perfect for returning to the gaming routine at home.

 Our stash plus the donations from CGE and Edge.

Our stash plus the donations from CGE and Edge.